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Brighten Up Your Bedroom With These 3 Home Lighting Tips

Bemodern Calgary Brighten Up Your Bedroom With These 3 Home Lighting Tips

Home lighting is an important aspect of any interior design scheme, especially in spaces such as your bedroom. Here are some simple tips on choosing the right types of lamps and lighting products for sanctuary. 

When it comes to designing your bedroom, no detail should be overlooked, especially a crucial home essential such as lighting. The right lighting:

  • creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere
  • enhances your comfort
  • creates visual appeal
  • provides some extra brightness in darker spaces for tasks like reading

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3 Simple Home Lighting Tips For Your Bedroom

Bedrooms have evolved from being simply a place to sleep to multi-functional rooms, and this can make them quite tricky to illuminate. Whether you use your private space primarily for relaxing, working, or reading, follow these simple home lighting tricks to create a beautiful and functional space.

1. Use As Much Natural Light As Possible

One of the simplest and easiest ways to light up your bedroom is by maximizing the use of natural light. Natural light doesn't just reduce energy consumption and lower your energy bill. Natural light:

  • keeps your sleep cycle on track
  • supports healthy and comfortable vision
  • enhances your productivity
  • improves your mood
  • helps you sleep better at night

How to maximize natural light in your bedroom

If you don’t have as much natural light as you want in your bedroom, don’t despair! Here are some simple tips for maximizing sunlight in your space. 

  1. Place a mirror opposite the window as it will reflect the light and create a brighter atmosphere.
  2. Use reflective surfaces as this will allow light to bounce off them, creating the impression of more light.
  3. Avoid heavy, light-blocking window treatments as this will create a darker effect.
  4. Keep your bedroom ceiling light, especially if you have darker walls.


2. Consider Task Lights

Does your bedroom double up as a workspace or reading area? If so, then you may want to consider adding some carefully placed task lights. This includes home lighting products such as a floor, table, and swing-arm lamps.

Whether it’s in the bedroom or home office, task lighting:

  • reduces fatigue
  • increases productivity
  • lowers eye strain
  • makes your home environment more pleasant
  • reduces the amount of time you need to light up a room, saving you money in the long run


3. Add A Touch Of Elegance With A Chandelier

As the concept of home decor has evolved, it’s no longer the case that ornate chandeliers only belong in formal dining rooms or grand foyers.

Today, many people enjoy the elegance of a chandelier in their dining room, kitchen and living room - but one of the very best places for this type of lighting fixture is the bedroom!

Adding a chandelier to your bedroom space will:

  • create a more luxurious, romantic ambiance
  • offer full-room lighting when natural light is limited
  • help reflect your personality and unique taste
  • create a bold statement

Some of the most common placement areas for a bedroom chandelier

There are many areas where you can hang your chandelier in your bedroom including: 

  • over your bed
  • in the centre of the ceiling
  • over your nightstand
  • over your workstation

Remember to Consider…

  • Putting your switches in the right place. One of the things you should ALWAYS remember to do is place a light switch beside your bed so you don’t have to fumble around in the dark.
  • The type of bulb. Choose one that will compliment your decor. Filament bulbs will have a retro feel to your space, while halogens provide a crisp, warm, yellow ambience.
  • Wardrobe lighting. Stop worrying about navigating the dark spaces of your wardrobe by installing LED energy-efficient bulbs.
  • Dimmer switches as these will allow you to adjust the atmosphere, mood, and ambience of your room depending on your needs.


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