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How to Mix & Match Your Home Furniture For a Modern, Fresh Look

Calgary Modern Furniture

Looking to get a little creative with your bedroom & dining furniture? Here are a few tips on how to mix & match the great items at our Calgary home furniture store to get a fresh & fashionable look in your home.

Whether you are decorating a new home or looking for new furniture for your existing space, you must step out of your comfort zone once in a while to ensure your house stands out from other dwellings.

Some ways in which you can do this include:

  • Playing with patterns
  • Choose one statement furniture piece for each room
  • Juxtaposing the pieces in each room (combining light with dark, busy with simple etc)
  • Try to achieve a good balance of color, setting & placement. DON’T overdo it.

At BEMODERN, a leading Calgary home furniture store, we carry a wide range of bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining furniture, as well as unique home accessories, to make sure your house always fresh, inviting and beautiful.


How to Mix & Match Your Home Furniture

Matching is not essential to beautiful home decor. In fact, it can be downright boring. Instead of worrying about having the furniture in your living/dining/bedroom match, try to find ways to make the things you love work well together.

This will create a beautiful, layered and interesting home that reflects who you are and tells your personal story!

Yes it is possible to have more than one style present in a home!

Actually, this is very important because to do so creates a lot of interest and ends up telling the story and personalities of everyone who lives in your house.

Here are 3 tips to follow to help mix and match your furniture and create a fresh, unique feel in your home:

1. The 80/20 Rule

This ratio rule is a perfect place to start when trying to mix and match your furniture. Find two styles you would like to use. The main one will be represented in 80% of the space, and the other 20% will be in the other style.

TIP: Start by looking at the big ticket or larger furniture in your living/dining/bedroom. Let these be your 80%. 

2. Group Like Items

A great way to tie mismatched items together is by finding something they do have in common and grouping them together. For example, you can group things by:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Texture

By displaying them together, you will be able to create a collection, which has more impact and cohesiveness than if each item was displayed on its own. This works especially well with small items.

We carry a wide range of home accessories that you can add to your bedroom, dining room or kitchen, to complement your furniture and add a fresh, modern touch to your home.


3. Balance

When you are trying to make different styles of furniture and pieces fit together, you must keep in mind scale and proportion. Attention to these details will create harmony and make your room visually appealing.

Some of the things you should keep in mind include:

Using Scale
Scale refers to visual size - how pieces of furniture look next to each other and how they fit into the room.

All rooms, whether it’s the bedroom or dining room, need varying sizes of furniture & accessories: big, little, tall and short.

If everything is the same size, nothing will stand out. Create interest and drama in your home by varying scale within each room.

Let Your Pieces Compliment Each Other
While variation in scale is important, drastic differences can be overwhelming and create an imbalance.

Remember to use similar scale when grouping different items together, allowing your pieces to compliment each other and create a natural, pleasing flow.

Work with different patterns

Working with multiple patterns is a great way to add texture to your room. However, make sure to vary the scales of the patterns.For example, start with large, airy prints on the walls, then layer smaller-scale patterns on the furniture.

Color & Scale

Color has scale too. Dark and bright colors are heavy, while softer and muted colors are light. By balancing the color scale in a room, you can prevent it from feeling too overwhelming or too light.

For example, balance darker living room furniture with light pillow fabrics or surround light-color artwork with darker frames.


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Our wide range of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, as well as unique home accessories, can help you add a modern, fresh touch to your home.

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