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3 Dining Room Dilemmas and How to Solve Them


Out of all of the spaces in your home, your dining room is the prime gathering spot for meaningful celebrations with friends and family. Creating the perfect dining room starts with an effective plan for your dining room furniture.

You should develop a clear idea of how you want your dining space to function, including a careful assessment of the following:

  • Room dimensions: What are the exact measurements of your dining space? Look for a dining table and chairs that will fit easily in the room, allowing at least 3 feet between the dining table and any surrounding walls.
  • Typical number of dinner guests: How often do you host a large number of dinner guests? If the answer is often, make sure that you have enough seating so that everyone can feel comfortable and welcome at the table.
  • Overall style of your home: How would you define the style of your home? Is it very formal? Casual? Glam? Having a dining space that suits the overall look of your home will help ensure that your space appears cohesive and put together.

As you start planning your perfect dining room and review these design elements, you’ll also need to anticipate any potential design challenges.

There are 3 common design dilemmas for dining rooms, including a small space, extra dinner guests, and a lack of continuity in an open living layout. The right dining room furniture can help you address each of these dilemmas—here’s how.

1. A small dining space

Many Calgary homes feature a small overall layout, especially in contemporary condos and townhomes. Often these homes have a small dining nook or no dedicated dining space at all.

Solutions: A compact, round dining table can help maximize the available space, allowing you to seat more people in a small area. Bar height tables and stools are other great options to make the most of a small space, as you can set up these pieces next to an existing kitchen island or counter to create a flexible dining zone. A third option is to go for glass table top like our Sapphire Dining Table. The transparency of glass gives the illusion of additional space, making the room appear larger than it actually is.

2. Extra dinner guests

An impromptu party or unexpected guest can be a major source of stress, especially if your dining room has a limited amount of seating.

Solutions: Plan ahead with a dining table that features extendable leaves to comfortably accommodate an extra guest or two, such as our Groovy Dining Table. Purchasing a few extra chairs for your dining set is also a smart move, ensuring that you have comfortable seating for everyone whenever you have a large gathering.

3. Lack of continuity in an open layout

In modern spaces with an open floor plan, it can be challenging to set up a dining space that doesn’t look out of place in relation to the rest of the room.

Solutions: For open layouts with a combined living, kitchen, and dining area, it’s essential to maintain a consistent colour palette and style for all furnishings, wall colours, and accessories. Choose a complementary finish in your dining room furniture that matches other furniture in the room and opt for sleek, streamlined pieces that won’t be too “busy” or distracting. The goal is to make the overall space look like a cohesive unit, with thoughtfully designed zones for specific activities.

With careful planning, you can create a perfect dining room that is stylish and functional, allowing you to entertain your friends and family with ease.

Discover even more ways to design a perfect dining room with the experts at Be Modern. Visit us in SE Calgary or call at: 403-252-1110.

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