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3 Simple Tips For Decorating With Home Accessories

Be Modern Calgary Designer Furniture 3 Simple Tips For Decorating With Home Accessories

Looking to add a little fun and flair to your living space? Here are some great tips for decorating with home accessories.

While often overlooked, home accessories are the lifeblood of any house. They are the finishing touches that can make your personal space truly shine and will allow you to:

  • Show off your unique personality and creative side
  • Add some excitement to the rooms of your home
  • Enhance the function and style of your rooms
  • Inject some much-needed personality into your house

Affordable and Modern Calgary Home Accessories

At BeModern, we offer a wide range of affordable and quality furniture and home accessories to suit any lifestyle, aesthetic style, or budget. Whether you’re looking for some funky artwork, or require some storage units, we have what you need to create a welcoming, modern, and refreshingly unique home.



3 Simple Tips for Decorating With Home Accessories

It’s amazing how small home accessories and decorative items can make a huge impact in a room. However, they must be used very carefully as they have the ability to make or break a space.

These simple tips for choosing, combining, and decorating with home accessories will help you pull together your home and avoid any common mistakes many people make with their decor.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Mass produced home accessories are readily available and inexpensive but it’s important to consider whether this is what you want to fill your home with.

When it comes to such items, less is often more and often, one specially chosen item will work better in your space than many tiny knick knacks that offer no aesthetic value. Some ideas of unique home accessories include:

  • An intricate mirror
  • A bar cart
  • Faux antlers
  • A beautiful bowl
  • A decorative box
  • A sculpture

2. Find Home Accessories With The Right Proportion

There are many homeowners who have mistakenly chosen a small rug for a coliseum-sized room, or those that try to force a too-large piece of art onto a too-small wall space. When selecting your home accessories, it’s crucial to consider the scale and proportion and what best fits your room.

How to create the correct scale and proportion

When you are trying to decide on the scale and proportion of your home accessories, keep these following things in mind:

  • Size - larger rooms can handle home accessories that are larger in scale. However, if you have limited space, opt for more petite and delicate items
  • Height - the higher your ceiling, the taller and more imposing your pieces can be. Low ceilings work best with low furniture and home accessories
  • White Space - remember to leave some ‘white space’ in your room, or the space around and above your furniture. A room rarely looks good when every square inch of it is filled with furniture or home accessories
  • Repetition - when selecting your home accessories, try to use complementing colors and patterns to maintain the same proportions throughout the room. Just be careful not to overdo it

3. Combine Textures And Colors

When it comes to furniture and permanent fixtures, neutrals are a great option, but inexpensive home accessories are a great way to add pops of color and varying textures to your room.

REMEMBER: Accessories are designed to add visual interest and contrast in a space and can be altered or exchanged to fit it changing moods, styles, and seasons.


Home Accessory Ideas

When you are selecting your home accessories, remember to have fun and mix colors, layers, and textures by choosing pieces of varying heights, widths, and styles. Here are some home accessories you may want to start filling up your home with today:


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