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4 Main Types of Home Lighting Fixtures

Calgary home lighting

Are you struggling to find the right light for your house? Here are four types of home lighting that can make all the difference to your personal space.

Taking the time to upgrade your home lighting to modern fixtures can have a great positive impact on your space and truly transform your interior design. From your bedroom to your more public dining and seating areas, changing up your lighting fixtures can have many advantages, including:

  • increased property value
  • enhanced ambience in each room
  • lower energy costs
  • improved visibility inside and outside your home

Home Lighting


Choosing The Right Home Lighting For Your Space

From statement chandeliers to LED table lamps, the right home lighting can make all the difference to your space. But choosing the best style for your home isn’t always easy! Here’s a breakdown of some of your options to help make the selection process more simple:

1. Chandeliers and Pendants

golden chandelier hanging in front of a blue wall with a window

When you’re looking to make a statement in a larger space, such as in the foyer or dining room, you should opt for a chandelier or a grouping of pendant lights. A chandelier is particularly great for the dining room as it works well to anchor a table.

To make sure it lights your dining table without getting in the way of your guests, ensure you keep a space of 30-36” from the chandelier bottom to the table top.

TIP: For flattering light, try to limit the bulbs to 100 watts or under and install a dimmer so you can adjust the ambience according to your preference.

Pendant Light Collection


2. Sconces

Bedroom with wall scones on both sides of the bed

Wall sconces can add sophistication, personality, and life back into a dull room. They can help illuminate the positive features of your home while creating a warmer, more inviting ambience. In particular, they offer great home lighting solutions for small spaces.

TIP: To free up space on your nightstand, consider installing sconces on either side of your bed. These can then be adjusted to direct light wherever you need it most.

Scone Collection


3. Table Lamps

Well lit room with a blue table lamp and yellow accessories

Table lamps are all about scale. Larger lamps with a tall base and wide shade are perfect for sitting behind or next to a sofa. Smaller, more compact options can be used to add warmth to a shelf, desk, or console.

Tip: To set the mood in the living room, you may want to consider at least three sources of light.

Table Lamp Collection


4. Floor Lamps

Floor lamp next to couch with white brick wall behind it

Floor lamps can be used to add visual complexity to a well-decorated room. They are extremely versatile and come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors - so no matter your decor, you can find a floor lamp that works in your personal space!

Tip: Floor lamps are a great way to brighten up a dark corner, add ‘height’ to your space, or to bring in additional task or ambient lighting should you need it.

Floor Lamp Collection


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Trendy and Affordable Home Lighting Designs in Calgary

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