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4 Modern Christmas Decorating Tips For Your Home

Christmas is nearly upon us once again. In fact your neighbors may already be breaking out the decorations and home accessories in preparation for one of the biggest holidays of the entire year.

Investing in a creative christmas decor can have many benefits, including:

  • Your children becoming more excited about the upcoming holidays
  • Adding to the fun and relaxed atmosphere of any christmas parties you are planning
  • Setting a festive mood throughout the house
  • Setting the scene for great holiday pictures with Christmas decorations and home accessories

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At BeModern, a leading Calgary home furniture store, we carry a wide selection of bedroom, dining and living room furniture, as well as home accessories, to help infuse your home with brightness, color and love this Christmas holiday.


4 Modern Christmas Decorating Tips For Your Home

Modern christmas decor is all about simplicity, understatement and beauty. Whether it’s through your bedroom/living room furniture, lighting, or home accessories, here are 7 simple tips to help you bring a fresh holiday perspective to every corner of your home.



For a striking take on a Christmas classic, take a simple festive wreath and go supersized. This bold home accessory made with fresh foliage can enhance your living room furniture and make a real impact in your space.

How to get it right:

  • Keep the rest of your decor pared-back, with neutral tones and textures
  • Stick with evergreens, such as eucalyptus and ferns for fragrance and longevity
  • If you have period features, such as wall paneling, scale your wreath to match
  • A plain white backdrop will show the foliage off to its full potential



Counting down to Christmas is a fun activity for kids and the whole family. This year, instead of a traditional advent calendar, try and get more creative with your christmas countdown.

Some ideas include:

  • Create a mini advent tree on your wall and hang little gifts, sweets and ornaments on it for each day
  • Wrap 24-Christmas themed books, one for every night, as a countdown to Christmas. Give your child(ren) one a night to open. It’s educational and great fun too!
  • Make a simple paper chain (that you can hang across your mantle piece) that holds fun and festive activities for each day until Christmas.
  • An advent Christmas garland (made from a wooden beam and 24 different presents) is  a great way to add some brightness and fun to your home



There are few things as exciting as receiving a christmas card, especially when they come with a handwritten note inside. Luckily there are innovative ideas for saving these treasures.

As a great home accessory, pick out the most beautiful and touching cards and:

  • Display them as art for the holidays
  • String them with ribbon to use them as a window/mantel garland
  • Tack them along your banister
  • Cut out the decorative art and turn them into next year’s gift tags



Christmas isn’t just about red and green anymore. Decorating with more elegant and muted colors will give your home a fresh, modern feel.

Try This: You can accent your traditional holiday color scheme with a black, white or a wood tone. If you want to add a metallic accent, choose a muted silver or gold to keep things looking natural and organic.


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