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4 Ways to Get Your Living Room Ready For Spring

4 Ways to Get Your Living Room Ready For Spring

Do you want to upgrade the furniture in your living room to reflect the change of season? Here are some simple and easy tips to get your space ready for spring. 

Are you looking to get rid of the winter blues and freshen up your home for the upcoming spring? Changing your home furniture, be it in your living room, bedroom, or dining room can have many benefits, including:

  •  a refreshed and revived environment
  • the opportunity to declutter and clean your home
  • comfort 
  • the chance to upgrade your living space

At BeModern, we carry a wide range of quality and affordable home furniture and accessories to suit any style, taste, or season, helping you make the most out of your living space.

Living Room Furniture


4 Furniture Tips For Getting Your Living Room Ready For Spring

Spring is a time for renewal and awakenings, as well as the perfect opportunity to reimagine your way to a refreshing, updated home you can fully enjoy during the warmer days. Here are five simple ways to get a jump-start on spring decorating by giving your living room furniture a boost:

1. Add Some Fresh Color

Living Room With Blue Furniture and Blankets

No matter how much you love neutrals, there is just something about spring decorating that demands a fresh pop of color in your living room. As the sun begins to shine brighter, now is the perfect time to soften up your space with some trending pastels or brighter colours.

4 Simple Ways To Add Color To Your Living Room Furniture:‚Äč
  • Paint a bright statement wall
  • Throw around some bright and fun cushions
  • Throw down a light and colorful rug
  • Consider hanging up a colorful piece of artwork


2. Bring In The Flowers And Greenery

Flowers and Various greenery on a Window Sill

It’s too early still for an abundance of spring flowers to be growing outside, so this may call for a compromise. Bring home fresh flowers or plants from the store, or use faux plants to bring the life of the outdoors into your space.

Don’t have a green thumb? Ask your nursery or home centre to recommend a plant that requires little or no care.


3. Refresh Your Home Accessories

Colorful living room filled with pillows and plants

Now that winter is almost over, it’s time to exchange the warm, cosy pillows and throws with ones that are lighter, brighter, and more nature-inspired. You may also want to consider adding some spring-inspired art and accessories and swap out any heavy rugs for natural fibre ones that are lighter and more playful.


4. Rearrange Your Furniture

Nice living room with chairs by the window

The colder seasons such as fall and winter are great times to focus your living room furniture arrangements around the fireplace, but the warmer seasons call for a fresh perspective.

You may want to consider rearranging your furniture to take better advantage of the windows and outside views. Even though it may still be a little snowy, you’ll love the new take on your space and you’ll be all set to watch spring unfold!

3 Tips For Making The Window The Focal Point In The Room:
  • Use hanging plants or a windowsill garden
  • Consider some bold print curtains
  • Install a new window arrangement (eg. bay or bow windows)


Visit Our Home Furniture Store And Get Ready For Spring

To find out more about the affordable and quality living room furniture at our Calgary store, contact us today at 403-252-1110 or fill in our online contact form.

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