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5 Key Furniture Pieces for a Modern Master Bedroom


Your master bedroom is your sanctuary: a place where you can relax, rewind, and recharge at the end of a busy day. At the same time that your bedroom needs to be a calm, soothing space, it also needs to be well-organized and efficient.  Having the right bedroom furniture allows you to start and end your day with minimal stress or mess.

As you design your perfect modern master bedroom suite, you’ll want to consider 5 key elements, including:

Calgary modern design expert, Be Modern, helps you master the right look for each of these 5 essential bedroom pieces.

1. The bed

A perfect master bedroom starts with a sleek, modern bed frame. Most contemporary designs incorporate streamlined simplicity, so consider bed frames with straight lines, low profiles, and finishes in either very deep or very light shades, such as espresso, beech wood, or gray.

The bed is a major investment piece for your bedroom, so it’s important to choose a quality bed frame that offers excellent support and durability.

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2. Night tables

A strong visual balance of your bed frame can be established by placing two night tables on each side of the bed.

Choose night tables that either match your bed frame color, or complements it.  Complementing colors such as espresso finished night tables next to a cool-toned gray bed frame work well for a modern design.  

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3. A dresser

Having at least one dresser in your bedroom is like having another closet, effectively doubling your available storage for clothes, toiletries, and more.

Modern designs have minimal details incorporate a colour or tone that complements your other furniture pieces creating a clean sleek look.   It is also important to choose a dresser that adds varying heights or depths to add interest to your space.

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4. Lighting

The bedroom is where you both start and end your day, so you need ambient lighting that will adapt to meet different moods, whether it’s bright, clear lighting for getting ready in the morning, or soft, subdued lighting to help you wind down at night.

Look for table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces that offer different options to control or direct the light, such as dimmer switches and adjustable placement.

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5. Accessories

Accessories are the finishing touches that showcase your personality and give your bedroom a put-together, polished look.

The right accessories can also help add warmth, colour, and texture to a modern space, especially if your bedroom features a monochromatic palette or lots of smooth, hard surfaces.

While it’s best to choose similar finishes in your key furniture pieces, accessories are the place to add interest with contrast. For example, if most of your furniture has a cool or blue-based tone, consider adding accessories with a warm tone, such as area rugs and artwork that feature yellow, orange, or red. This contrast will help establish a balanced look in your room and avoid an overall effect that seems too cold or warm.

Mirrors, vases, and ornaments are other great additions to add that final pop of personality and visual interest to your bedroom.

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Focusing on the 5 key elements of a perfect bedroom will help you master the look of an elegant, contemporary bedroom suite.

For even more tips on how to furnish the perfect modern bedroom, contact Be Modern’s team of design experts. Come visit us in SE Calgary or call 403-252-1110.

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