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5 Must-Have Furniture Pieces For Your Guest Bedroom

Be Modern Calgary 5 Must-Have Furniture Pieces For Your Guest Bedroom

A great, usable guest bedroom can be a wonderful thing to have in your home. Here are some simple and easy bedroom furniture tips for creating a wonderful haven for visiting family and friends. 

When it comes to dressing up your home, the furniture in the guest bedroom often gets overlooked. But if you’ve ever been a visitor yourself, you’ll know first-hand that a comfortable room can make a visit exceptionally more pleasurable.

A carefully designed guest bedroom will:

  • make your visitors feel more comfortable and at home
  • give you and your guests more privacy
  • create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere

Affordable and quality bedroom furniture and accessories in Calgary

At BeModern, we have modern, affordable and stylish bedroom furniture to help you create a warm and beautiful room that any guest will appreciate! From lighting products to quality bedding, we have everything you need to make the best use of this important space.

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5 Furniture Must-Haves For Any Guest Bedroom

When picking out guest room furniture, it helps to have a starting point. By focusing on these five essentials, you can slowly begin to build and design a welcoming and beautiful space for your visiting family and friends.

1. A Comfortable Bed

One of the most important things you can provide for a guest is a good, comfortable place to rest. It can be difficult to fall asleep in strange surroundings, especially on an uncomfortable mattress!

To create a bed your guests will never want to leave, make sure to:

  • invest in a quality mattress
  • create the perfect pillow-to-bed ratio
  • use freshly laundered sheets
  • pad the mattress for extra warmth

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2. A Chest of Drawers

Your visitors are bound to welcome some extra storage space, so a chest of drawers is a guest-bedroom furniture must have! This is especially true if they are staying for a longer period of time so they won’t have to pull their items out of suitcases all the time.

TIP: The top of a chest or dresser may also come in handy for placing personal belongings, so don’t clutter it with pictures or other objects which have no meaning for the visitor.


3. Good Lighting

Good lighting creates a guest bedroom that is open and inviting, allowing your visitors to feel comfortable and have a pleasant space in which to spend their stay.

How to create perfect lighting for your guests:

  • Use a bedside lamp. This is crucial because it allows your guests to turn off the light at night without leaving their bed and bumping into any furniture in the dark!
  • Use lots of natural light if you can to create a happy and serene environment.
  • Consider the scale and shape of your lighting fixtures so they complement, not overwhelm the rest of your decor.  

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4. Create Perfect Lighting For Your Guests

A luggage rack is a great guest-bedroom accessory and a much appreciated practical consideration for travelers away from home. Not only can you find some that can be folded and put away, but they also:

  • make packing/unpacking more convenient.
  • save the bed from being snagged or dirtied.
  • provide extra storage.

Guest Bedroom Furniture TIp: A luggage rack is especially handy if you don’t have a cleared-out dresser/chest to offer your visitors. If the space is too tight, get rid of unnecessary furniture pieces that crowd the room and put in a foldable rack.


5. A Cozy Nook

To up the hospitality factor of your home, you might want to consider creating a cosy, private area in your guest bedroom where your visitors can relax and unwind. Don't worry, your pace doesn't have to be huge to over a private area!

There are only two necessities needed for carving out a special me-time corner:

  • A comfy chair. The key thing to remember here is to find a comfortable seat. Make sure there is good back support and upholstered arms but feel free to play with the color, pattern and shape to create a fun and inviting space.
  • Lighting. Don’t count on overhead lighting alone for your private area – for the best illumination, set a floor lamp with an adjustable neck behind your chair.

Add a few extras…

If you have the space, you may want to consider adding the following:

  • basket or decorative box to hold magazines or other reading materials.
  • a soft throw blanket.
  • a tiny table to hold a cup of tea, wine or some snacks.
  • an area rug to demarcate the space as something special.
  • a footstool or ottoman.


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