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Bedroom Furniture

Studio Apartment Layouts

Choosing to live in a studio apartment in Calgary is a great option when you’re on your own and also allows you to get extremely creative with your space. Making your studio apartment not feel like just a humongous bedroom can be difficult but it is possible!

This article is going to focus on maximizing your living room and bedroom space with these 4 pieces of furniture:

  • Mirrors
  • Bed
  • See Through Furniture
  • Shelving units


Mirrors are not only functional living room and bedroom furniture to help you realize you have spinach in your teeth before a big date but they also provide an illusion that the room is much bigger than it really is. By adding a mirror, the reflection of the room paralleling it creates a false sense of depth to your studio apartment. You also naturally brighten up the room since the Calgary sunlight will reflect off it. Consider an option that can be personalized and still remain functional at the same time such as the Denver mirror which can be found in the Bemodern Furniture collection.


Yes, the bedroom furniture you choose can make all the difference between your space looking cluttered or put together. Choose bedroom furniture that will provide you an ample amount of storage space like the Huppe Bridge Bed. This beautiful piece of furniture provides the perfect balance of being able to relax and also a great amount of hidden storage behind the headboard so you will be able to hide your extra bed sheets and pillows with ease! Another option to consider is a raised bed such as the Taylor Bed. It is much simpler in its design and allows you to get creative about how you can best utilize all the free space underneath.

See Through Furniture

Including simple pieces allows you to have these items in the apartment without them taking up visual space making the room appear less cluttered! Include items such as a bar table and clear bar stools such as the L’eau stools in the BeModern Furniture collection. By choosing see through items you end up becoming more capable of having furniture that won’t make your guests feel like the place is cramped.


Shelving units are a great way to maximize storage in your living room and bedroom area. By doing this you liven up your walls. Find a way to hang pots and pans from the ceiling and place other shelving units closer to the ceiling like the Equal Shelf to divert your guests attention upward. Also consider furniture such as a Circuit Display Unit to store your cups and mugs in your kitchen area.

To separate different areas of your home, do not be afraid to choose bigger furniture. Having a few bigger pieces will help your home feel less cluttered so consider a piece such as Lib Shelving. Due to the sheer size of the unit you will be able to successfully separate your space and also create a functional divider.

For more information about modern furniture to help you furnish your studio apartment contact our furniture and home accessories experts by calling 403.252.1110 or visit our website and fill out a contact form

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