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Calgary Bedroom Furniture: Decor Trends That Add Comfort To Your Space

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Calgary Bedroom Furniture

Have you ever redecorated a bedroom and found that it looked exactly how you wanted, but that you couldn’t get a good night’s sleep? Or brought a piece of trendy furniture home only to find that it didn’t quite suit the room’s atmosphere once it was out of the showroom?

At BeModern, we believe in helping our customers select furniture that is not just unique and beautiful, but that creates a sense of luxuriousness and comfort in their home.

Here are our four favourite tips on how to incorporate the latest in modern home decor trends into your bedroom in a way that’ll boost your room's style and comfort.

Set The Tone With The Right Color

Colour’s effect on our mood has been well-documented. Several of this year's trendiest colours are perfect for creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. At the same time, adding a bright pop of colour can create a more cheerful atmosphere to start your day. While finding the best balance is up to you, we think that soothing neutrals with bolder accents is the best option for bedroom decor.


According to some home decor experts, some of the most popular neutrals this year are variations on taupe and gray. In particular, rich, dark, mineral greys and warm-tinted taupes offer a modern twist that makes these neutrals anything but bland. If this color is too dark for your walls, you can add it in the form of furniture, like the Huppe Bridge Dresser and 5-drawer chests.

If darker furniture doesn't appeal to you, the Empero Nightstand’s classic white hue fits into a wide variety of Calgary home decor setups. We love that the curved edges keep the shiny lacquer from looking too harsh.


Pantone’s color report for the season has plenty of bold and saturated hues. It includes three shades of blue, which is an ideal accent color for bedrooms. The Holly vase combines the serene color with minimalist, rounded shape. For a subtle injection of bright colours, Follower area rug combines lively yellow and green--both popular hues for this season--with calming black and grey tones.

Opt For Bedroom Furniture That Allows You To Shut Out Distractions

No matter how busy your lifestyle, it’s important to take time before bed to wind down and relax.  Setting up your room in a way that’s conducive to unplugging can help you shut out distractions from the moment you walk through the door.  For example, the Elegance Storage Bed comes with the option of a sound system.

With bookshelves rather than a screen setup, odds are you’ll be tempted to dive into one of your favorite books before bed, which has been shown to promote relaxation. Shelves like the Seattle are ideal for keeping a few of your best-loved tomes on hand, while the Castella bookcase offers an opportunity to store both novels and decor alike.

Get The Right Level Of Light: Select Calgary Bedroom Furniture That Lets You Layer Lighting

In Calgary, home lighting requirements can vary seasonally--we require much more light in the winter than we do in the summer. When it comes to bedroom furniture, Calgary homeowners should pay special attention to the lights and lamps they choose because it serves the dual purpose of being functional and decorative. Fortunately, our selection of sconces, pendant lights, and lamps come in styles to suit any request.

For smaller spaces, you can save bedside table and floor space with bold, hanging lamps at the bedside or centered in the room. The cygnus lamp’s suspension version can be ideal for brightening up a bedroom space.

Texture: Select Calgary Home Decor That Adds Interest To Your Space

Combinations of different textures can add interest to a room. Decor and design experts predict that the trend of mixing textures and fabrics will increase in popularity throughout the year. 

We think that this trend is particularly well-suited for bedroom decor. Area rugs can add an air of plush elegance to a room with hardwood flooring. Texture can also be combined in individual furniture pieces: the Libby side table combines a high degree of glossiness with the comforting warmth of sandalwood. Brass is also a hugely popular material for 2017, and the Emmet table lamp is the perfect way to integrate this trend into your room without it appearing too industrial or overwhelming.

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