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Calgary Dining Room Furniture & Living Room Furniture: Decor For Entertaining

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Calgary Living Room Furniture

Whether you’re new to entertaining or have always loved hosting gatherings, you’ve likely realized how important layout and atmosphere are to keeping a event going smoothly. It’s also no secret that unique and attention-grabbing decor can help make an event memorable.

Whether you’re looking to adding some entertainment-friendly to your existing decor, planning a complete overhaul, or starting fresh after a move, out three key tips are sure to inspire you. When you know that you have your right decor taken care of, you can focus on hosting!

When Setting Up Your Calgary Home Accessories

Don’t Let Oversized Home Accessories Get In The Way Of Socializing

No one likes having to peer around an oversized centerpiece to speak to another guest.  Large vases, sculptures, or decor arrangements can make conversation difficult if they are too bulky or incorrectly placed. The same goes for decor items on coffee tables, end tables, or anywhere else it might hamper your guests’ mingling.

Our Tips:

  • Use color and texture to add interest to centerpieces and table-top decor, instead of height or volume

  • Save the statement pieces for your walls

When Organizing Calgary Living Room Furniture

Add Additional Lamps

Lighting may be an afterthought when it comes to entertaining, but if your summer events have a chance of extending later into the evening, it should actually be top of mind. Lighting that is too harsh can diminish a party’s atmosphere, whereas if the lighting that is so dim that it is difficult to eat or move about can be annoying.

There are different types of lighting:

  • Task lighting- Lighting designed to make it easier for individuals to complete tasks.

  • Ambient lighting- Provides overall illumination. It’s also known as “general lighting”

  • Accent lighting- adds drama to the room by focusing the eye in a certain direction.

When you’re hosting a party or dinner party, it’s important to take all three of these lighting styles into account. In rooms where people will be sharing a lot of time, it can be helpful to bounce light off the ceiling to create a sense of brightness. We think a vibrant chandelier or pendant light best suits this purpose.

Our Tip: If adding a chandelier to your home doesn’t fit your decorating plans, different types of lamps at different heights can create additional pools of light and dramatically improve your lighting setup.

Place Chairs In Clusters

When you’re setting up for any kind of gathering, it’s important to remember to make sure the room’s layout is conducive to socializing. Seating that is too far apart, or too close together, can hamper both conversation and movement.

Decorating experts suggest organizing seating in small clusters of two and three, in order for individuals to be able to easily converse with their fellow guests. Small end tables throughout the room make it easy for your guests to put down their drinks, and can also provide a great place to put smaller refreshments.

Our Tips:

  • Chunky and substantial tables and chairs create a cozy and comforting feel, whereas sleeker and smaller furniture won’t overwhelm a room.

  • If you’re building or renovating your living room with entertaining in mind, skipping sofas in favour of loveseats, occasional chairs, and settees can be a good option. However, if you feel like you can’t forgo a good couch, we’d recommend considering sectionals, which provide ample seating space.

Use Multiple Surfaces For Food And Refreshments

For larger gatherings, placing refreshments in one location, such as a table or counter, can cause uncomfortable amounts of crowding and confusion. That’s why we advise equipping your home with the right number of smaller furniture pieces.

Buffets and side tables can also be helpful:

  • The the factory sideboard provides an industrial edge and a summery pop of colour

  • Alternately, the wave buffet’s sleek, black-and-white color scheme is softened by its shape

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