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Sitting On This Glowing Buddha Is Probably The Most Relaxing Thing

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the ability to come home and relax becomes an essential part of the day. We all need a moment to breathe and a space where we can kick our feet up and enjoy some rest on some comfortable furniture.

In this article you will learn about three rooms in your home and the furniture that may help maximize your relaxation. We will focus on your living room, dining room and bedroom.

The Living Room

It’s no secret that the common area where you will entertain your guests or enjoy a movie night needs to feel relaxing and comfortable. You want to ensure you have the right home essentials to fill this room. Going to a furniture store and picking items for your home can be stressful so first think about your style.

If you enjoy hosting dinner parties and love to have guests in your home, consider purchasing a curved sofa. It is available as a single sofa or as a circular sectional, either way the curve allows your home to provide a more intimate aesthetic to it and makes the atmosphere feel easier for everyone in the room to interact with one another.

Now if you would walk into a furniture store looking for a couch that can provide the maximum amount of comfort and the dream reclining sofa is the perfect option! It provides a soft padding that acts as a “micro-pillow” really making this a relaxation home essential. With this item available at BeModern furniture store and by adding some throws and extra pillows to complete this home essential, you’ll be taking naps in no time!

The Bedroom

Nothing feels like when you are opening the door to your bedroom in your home. It’s a personal sanctuary for most people and a common area to wind down for the day so of course the furniture that you pick out for this room at the store counts!

Lighting can make all the difference in the world. A good option is to install dimming lights in your room but since not everyone has the expertise to install lighting in their home, another alternative which is simpler is to purchase a table or floor lamp. You want to pick a lamp that can provide you a balanced and beautiful harmony between light and shadow like the Andromeda Floor Lamp and table lamp which is part of the BeModern collection. The Andromeda lamp collection is made with matte coated metal and provides a “soft touch effect” where the ruffles in the shade help reach that perfect balance of light and shadow optimizing your relaxation.

Another way to create a relaxing feel to your bedroom is to choose neutral coloured furniture like white and if you want colour, accent the room with pastels. By being mindful of the colours in your room you create an environment that will be visually soft on the eyes. A nightstand like the Empero that has a white gloss lacquer is a great choice of contemporary furniture that can easily help you wind down for the day.

Mix balanced lighting with neutral coloured furniture and a bed with sheets that have a high thread count and you will definitely find you might have a hard time getting up in the morning.

The Dining Room

Whether you are eating alone or hosting a party, the dining room is a place in your home for togetherness but is a bit more difficult to feel relaxed in. Choosing modern dining room furniture to fit your needs can be overwhelming but start with purchasing a dining table that is sturdy and can withstand family gathering and dinner party you have for years to come like the Euclide F dining table. Seating 6-8 people is perfect for large parties!

If you’re looking for a piece that can be both a dining table and a piece of art, consider a dining table like the Costa. Even simply pairing your dining table with comfortable chairs like the Coquille L or Colter dining arm chair can make all the difference and may encourage you to sip your coffee a little slower.

For more information about modern furniture to help you enhance your relaxation contact our furniture and home accessories experts by calling 403.252.1110 or visit our website and fill out a contact form

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