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Choosing the Right Accessories For Your Bedroom Furniture

Bemodern Calgary Choosing the Right Accessories For Your Bedroom Furniture

Home accessories are the perfect way to add a little charm and personality to your personal space. Here are four simple tips for choosing the right artwork to complement your bedroom furniture. 

Your bedroom is one of the most treasured and valued spaces in your home as it can provide a much-needed haven after a long day of activities and stress. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a good bedroom design, including carefully selecting the right home accessories which will:

  • show off your creative side
  • inject some personality into this important space
  • enrich the interior design style you have chosen
  • add pops of colour and excitement to a clean and crisp design scheme

Affordable and Unique Home Accessories and Bedroom Furniture in Calgary

At BEMODERN, we keep a wide range of affordable, high-quality, and exclusive bedroom furniture from home accessories to bedding and lighting, helping you make the best use of your space.


Choosing The Right Home Accessories For Your Bedroom

While they can often be overlooked, home accessories are a crucial part of any interior design scheme because they serve a duality of purposes, acting to both complement and complete your living space.

If you want to make your private space truly shine, here are some tips for you to try. 

1. Enhance Your Decor With Bright and Colourful Cushions

Cushions are one of the most common home accessories. Apart from their obvious aesthetic value, they provide tons of extra comfort! By paying attention to the colour, texture, shape, size and quantity of cushions, you can:

  • create a more luxurious, welcoming environment
  • add a  splash of colour and personality to your personal space
  • give additional seating if and when this is needed
  • switch up your decor inexpensively
  • gain extra comfort when you’re sleeping


2. Add Artwork

Well-placed artwork is an incredible home accessory that has the power to transform your bedroom space, BUT selecting the correct piece can be a complicated and intimidating project. If you’re considering adding some art to your private area, here are some tips you should follow:

Measure your wall

When choosing artwork for your bedroom, ALWAYS consider the dimension of the piece in relation to the size of your space. If the piece is too small, it may disappear, but one that is too large can overpower your bedroom furniture and look out of place.

Reflect on the artwork’s mood

Some of the most important questions you MUST ask yourself when selecting a piece of artwork for your bedroom include:

  • What mood does it evoke in you?
  • Does it match your personality?
  • Does it complement your bedroom furniture?

Also, remember that artwork is very subjective and an extension of your personal style.  Pick something you love, not something you think others will like.

Consider the colour and style

If you are planning on using more than one piece of artwork or home accessory in your bedroom, make sure to either use works that have a common style and/or colour as this will bring a cohesiveness to your space and a curated feel to the art on display.

Tips When Choosing Artwork


3. Change Up Your Floor With An Area Rug

Another great home accessory for your bedroom is an area rug because it will add extra colour, texture, and pattern to your space. This is especially important if your room has hard floors because an area rug will:

  • stabilize the temperature
  • absorb sound
  • give your feet a soft-landing pad
  • make it easier for you to get out of bed on those early mornings

Questions to ask when choosing an area rug for your bedroom

Choosing the right rug for your bedroom can be a little overwhelming but you can make the process easier by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Where will I put the rug? (e.g under the bed or in a separate seating area)
  2. How big is my space? (Your area rug should NEVER touch the walls)
  3. What material will best compliment my interior design?
  4. What design works best with my decor? (e.g. bold or neutral tones?)
  5. What lifestyle considerations do I have? (e.g. children and pets need a rug that’s easy to clean and darker in colour)



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