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Elements Of Good Living Room Design

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Deciding to furnish your home with modern furniture instead of sticking to a more traditional furniture style is a big leap. There are a few elements of decorating that need to be considered, such as:

  • Furniture
  • Home accessories
  • Room atmosphere

With so much to take into consideration it is important to ensure that all elements blend in together to form a cohesive setting and mood for your living room.


  1. Choose Furniture That Can Grow With Your Style

Designing your living room with modern furniture can be difficult if you are more accustomed to traditional styles of furniture.

Before you leave your Calgary home to visit a modern furniture store, keep the vision of your living room in mind. Think about factors that can affect how you design your space such as:

  • A growing family
  • Downsizing
  • Home upgrading

You want to choose modern furniture that can be shifted and adjusted to fit your changing lifestyle. You may want to consider being especially strategic about the pieces of furniture you want to base your living room around. These pieces of furniture include

  • Sofas
  • Coffee Tables
  • Entertainment units

By focusing on these key pieces of furniture you will be able to keep your living room versatile and have the ability to easily change and redecorate your living room around these furnishings as your style evolves.

Consider an option like BeModern Furniture Store’s Sofa 937 which is available in various upholstery colour options. This fine piece of furniture has a sleek but simple modern design to grow with you for years to come as your lifestyle and decor choices change.

Sofa Collection



  1. Create An Inviting Atmostphere

When you step into a home you always want to feel welcomed. This same rule of thumb should be applied to your living room. Your modern furniture should remain versatile but also be able to bring warmth to your space for events such as

  • Family get togethers
  • Small dinner parties
  • Baby showers
  • Birthday parties

When you decide to go furniture shopping, consider visiting boutique stores in the Calgary area, like BeModern Furniture Store. These stores have:

  • An inventory of unique modern furniture from across the globe
  • Incomparable customer service
  • High quality furniture at a reasonable price point

Consider options such as the Brilliant Entertainment System which is available in thee lacquer colours, has glass top options and comes in multiple sizes. This piece will be sure to draw you and your guests into the living room to relax while adding a modern finish to suit your contemporary style.

For a bolder piece to add to the living room, consider the Pebble coffee table, which is sure to be the topic of a few conversations at your next dinner party. The Pebble has a gorgeous granite texture, which appears to be solid stone but is actually light weight fiberglass.

Choosing an Entertainment Unit


  1. Fill Up Negative Space In Your Living Room

To tie your living room together, consider filling the negative space in your living room with home accessories such as:

  • Art work
  • Area rugs
  • Shelving units
  • Mirrors

Consider adding a piece like Mirror 1 from BeModern Furniture Store’s collection to help you bring the living room together. A mirror can add some depth to the living room as well as mimic windows by reflecting natural sunlight to help you brighten the space.

By adding personal touches to the room you harmonize all the elements from furniture to home accessories, allowing you to complete your newly redesigned living room.

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