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Four Simple Ways To Turn Your House Into a Home

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Your home should be more than just a beautiful structure. It should be a direct expression of who you are; of your individual tastes and preferences. Your home décor should tell a story to every guest and make them feel intrigued whenever they step through the door. Today, BE MODERN wants to share some key steps to take when embarking on that home makeover so that you can turn your house into a unique and stunning home. 


Bare floors can make a room feel cold and unfurnished. A bold, brightly patterned carpet such as our RARITAN AREA RUG is an amazing home décor piece. Not only will it provide artistic value to the symmetry of a room, it will also tie together all the different elements and make it feel like a much more welcoming and comfortable space.


Light fixtures are the most simple and cost-effective way of starting that home-makeover. Hanging up our modern SERGEI PENDANT FIXTURES above your kitchen island or our intricately designed RIEL PENDANT CHANDELIER above your dining table are just some home décor tips to instantly transform your home into a space that is a true reflection of who you are.


When planning your home makeover, it is important to remember that a home is as much about aesthetics as it is about functionality. The simple step of giving everything in your home its own space goes a long way in making your surroundings more comfortable and pleasing. Your storage options could be sleek and straight forward, using a piece such as our QUADERNO SHELVING UNIT or you can experiment with something more unique such as our ZETA SIDE TABLE/MAGAZINE HOLDER which fits perfectly into any room or our CLEVER STORAGE BOXES.


All too often, people dismiss artwork as being a too-expensive or frivolous element of home décor. However, a beautifully crafted piece is an essential part of a successful home makeover as it adds individuality and spark to a room and gives your guests a glimpse into your personality. You are sure to find a stunning piece from our wide range of ARTWORKS, which will infuse your home with class and character.


A home makeover is an exciting process and these home décor tips will help you transform your house into the beautiful home you've always wanted. For more decorating tips, contact us at 403.252.1110 or visit

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