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Home Essentials For First Time Home Owners

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Congratulations on purchasing your new home! Now the question remains is, “What else is there to buy?” Hopefully you have created a move-in checklist and crossed off the essentials but now it’s time to think about what else you can add to make your new house really feel like home.

In this article we are going to cover three home essentials you may need for your new home:

  • Wall decor
  • Lamps
  • Side tables / coffee table

Wall Decor

A nice way to help everything in your home come together is by adding some nice pieces of wall decor. Think about adding home accessories such as artwork or shelving units to help you fill up the empty space.


After it gets dark you might want to cozy up with a nice book in your living room or just simply start winding down for the evening. Lamps are a great way to keep your room well lit. Adding a nice floor lamp or table lamps are great home accessories to provide you with other dimmer light sources.

Side tables

You might have already gone to a furniture store and purchased everything from couches, to a coffee table but great pieces of living room furniture are side tables are another great addition to add to your decorating. Your guests will thank you for the extra space to place their cups down and that leaves room for added storage space or simply a nice aesthetic.

To find out more how BeModern Furniture Store can help you finish the last of your decorating please contact our store to speak to our home accessories experts by calling 403.252.1110 or visit our website and fill out a contact form

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