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How To Brighten a Basement

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The basement is usually what horror movies are based of, most likely because of how naturally dark basement seems. The simple solution to this is to simply redecorate and put some importance of the basement as much as you would on the rest of the home!

In this article you’re going to turn your scary basement into a beautiful decorated room you may ending spending a lot of time in with these 5 simple tips: Buying brighter furniture, storage, lighting, adding colour and mirrors.

Buy Bright Furniture

When a room is dark to begin with, you want to be able to brighten up the room as much as possible. A great way to do that is by making your basement a second living room picking pieces of furniture that are bright and neutral coloured. This allows the room to brighten just by having the presence of lighter furniture. Another advantage you have picking neutral colours allows you to move things around and redecorate easily!

Sofa Collection


Book shelves

By home accessories such as bookshelves, you create a cozy atmosphere to your basement and a nice touch of colour is automatically added when the colour emitting from the books fills up the shelves. Consider purchasing a unit such as the Eileen Blance. Finished with a satin white frame and white glass shelves, you’ll be sure to maintain your bright, neutral colour scheme and provide the room with storage space.


Calgary living room Furniture, Calgary Home Accessories

The easiest way to make a dark room brighter is by simply turning on the lights! By adding multiple sources of light within the room. The harmony of the light and the furniture will bring your room together. Consider purchasing more home accessories such as floor lamps or pendant lights to give your basement a modern finish.

Pops of colour

Calgary living room Furniture, Calgary Home Accessories

Keeping the room neutral can get boring rather quickly for some people but the best way to utilize your furniture is by adding pops of colour through the presence of home accessories like cushions, rugs or art work


Mirrors are wonderful home accessories for rooms that don’t have many windows because they will mimic the look of having a real window. They will help create dimension to the room and by default add brightness when light reflects off of them.

Shop Mirrors


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