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How To Lay Out Your Master Bedroom

Calgary Modern Master Bedroom

Calgary Modern Bedroom Furniture


The bedroom is considered a sanctuary for most people. It is typically a space dedicated for:

  • Relaxation
  • Productivity
  • Tranquility
  • Comfort

Most people use their bedrooms to recharge, wind down, and let go of a day’s stressful or busy events as they melt into the mattress. It only feels right to ensure you decorate this sanctuary with furniture and home essentials that truly reflect your style and allow you to settle down and relax. When it comes to decor there are a few styles to consider before leaving  your Calgary home to venture out and visit furniture stores.

1. Decorating your master bedroom with a contemporary style

For the more adventurous spirit, a modern contemporary style will be sure to provide a serene and relaxing environment if the room is decorated with an attractive, modern taste. A modern style would appeal to a personality that appreciates:

  • Visually appealing spaces
  • Enjoys the sleek and clean finish modern furniture provides
  • A  luxurious design with few but meaningful, strategic pieces

BeModern Furniture Store has been serving Calgary residents with only the best inventory of modern furniture with pieces from around the world. For anyone who appreciates  modern or contemporary styles, the Cubic Bed (which available in a queen or king size) is timeless and sophisticated. Pairing home essentials such as the Paris Night Tables are sure to have a modern, fashion-forward personality sound asleep in their bedroom appreciating the luxury they are sleeping in.

2. Decorating your master bedroom with a more traditional feel

A modern traditionalist will appeal to a personality that appreciates:

  • Order and purpose
  • Comfort
  • Functional pieces of furniture

Yes, modern furniture can still mesh well with a more traditional style of decor. Before going to furniture stores and exhausting your time and effort searching for bedroom furniture, consider a classic bedroom piece such as BeModern's Folk Bed. This masterpiece of furniture is sure to have any traditionalist overjoyed with their bedroom investment’s with features, which include:

  • Wood panels or italian slats capable of supporting a mattress without a box-spring
  • Self-closing slides meaning this home essential also provides extra storage space

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3. Decorate your master bedroom with a cozy vibe

Some people just want to close the door, curl up with tea and have their favourite them confort is the ultimate home essential. The cozy personality will appreciate a master bedroom that provides:

  • Immense comfort
  • Relaxation
  • Tranquility

The person who appreciates a cozy atmosphere is likely to love  the Elegance Storage Bed. This modern piece of bedroom furniture available in BeModern’s Calgary home essential collection is crafted in Italy with padding that acts as a ‘micro-pillow’ to offer maximum relaxation and comfort.  The  Elegance paired with the Contour Table Lamp, creates such a comfortable atmosphere that it’s highly likely that anyone sleeping in  would be hitting snooze a few times the following the morning just to enjoy their luxe surroundings after a restful night’s sleep.

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What’s On Your Bedroom Furniture Shopping List?

Whether your master bedroom furniture style is modern, traditional, cozy or a mix of them all there is a style that appeals to everyone. Shop our catalog for inspiration or to start designing your dream bedroom today.

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To find out more about how the BeModern Furniture Store can help you find your perfect bedroom style, contact one of our bedroom experts at 403-252-1110 or visit our website.

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