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How to Decorate Your Home For Winter

Be Modern Furniture Calgary How to Decorate Your Home For Winter

Want to make your house extra cosy for the winter time? 4 simple and easy living room & bedroom furniture tips to transform your home this cold season. 

A changing season outside is the perfect reason to update the decor inside your home. Making small additions or alterations to your kitchen, living room or bedroom furniture can have a huge impact on your home.

It can offer:

  • A more comfortable and functional living space
  • A refreshed, exciting and revived environment
  • Reduced clutter 

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How to Take Your Home Into The Winter Season

When winter starts to creep in, its time to make the home feel warm and cozy. But this doesn’t have to be expensive! With just a few creative ideas, you can transition any living space beautifully from fall to winter.

Here are some tips to welcome winter in style:

1. Opt for Soft & Cozy Fabrics

Winter is all about cosiness. When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing more you want than to be warm and comfortable inside. Simply adding a few fabrics and items to your existing living room and bedroom furniture does the trick!

So before winter fully sets in, be sure to get out all your soft and warm fabrics including:

  • Soft throws
  • Fluffy blankets
  • Extra pillows and cushions
  • Heavy curtains
2. Add Rugs & Carpets

It’s never pleasant to walk on cold floors during the winter time, so adding rugs and carpets to your space can help a home feel a lot more inviting and warm.

Tips for decorating with rugs

A rug can anchor a room, define it, add warmth, and help layer a room’s decor. However, before selecting one to add to your living room or bedroom furniture, you must keep the following in mind.

4 Tips For Selecting Rugs:

  1. Use rugs to define or separate areas, especially in large rooms that need definition.
  2. Create variety (ie. different sized rugs) if you are using more than one in a room.
  3. Use similarly-patterned rugs to create harmony in your home.
  4. Use your rugs as a focal point in your room.

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3. Decorate With Natural Home Accessories

A cost-effective and great way to add a winter feel to your home is by using natural elements such as wood, stone, flowers and pine-cones to decorate your rooms. Get them all in a bunch, place them in a basket and use them on the mantel or as a centrepiece for your dining table.

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4. Add Warm Lighting

Just because daylight fades away in the winter doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate! You need to select the right colour scheme to keep your home feeling warm, bright and cheerful until the return of spring.

When selecting lighting to enhance your living room or bedroom furniture during the winter, here are some things to keep in mind.

4 Lighting Selection Tips:

  1. Try to maximize all the natural light that is coming your way.
  2. Use candles to add a warm shimmer and cosiness to your living areas.
  3. Use table and floor lamps to add brightness to your home.
  4. Upgrade to LED lights to keep your electric bill low.

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Whether you are looking for new fabrics and home accessories, or want to completely change up your living room and bedroom furniture, BEMODERN carries a wide range of affordable and quality products to transition your home beautifully into winter.

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