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Incorporating modern decor in a way that suits your style and personality

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Often, people are drawn to a decor style based on their personality. However, there are so many broad options in a given time period or decor style that individuals can express their personality through any decor style.

Contemporary decor is often associated with minimalism, which can create a clean, crisp, and airy look. Modern decor and mid century modern-influenced contemporary decor is instantly recognizable by its use of a neutral color palette, clean lines. Similarly, mid century modern decor was well known for the use of materials such as glass, metal, teak, and natural fabrics. However, no matter what your personality is, you can incorporate contemporary and modern elements into your home decor.


FAQ: I’d like to incorporate modern furniture into my home, but worry that it won’t match my existing decor. What should I do?

If the rest of your house has a different decor style, but you wish to outfit a room in a more modern style, a good way to create flow and cohesion is to make sure the color palette matches even if the furniture and decor shape or style differs slightly. This also applies if you would like to add modern bedroom furniture or office furniture to a room or office that already has a unique decor style.



FAQ: Is modern decor suitable for a smaller space, or a space that has a cozy atmosphere?

To create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with midcentury modern elements, focus on the use of natural materials, such as linen and cotton. Accents such as cushions or rugs can also add a warm atmosphere to a space. Don’t forget to discuss lighting with your interior designer, as home lighting can also make all of the difference in setting an atmosphere: Because of our city’s winters, Calgary home essentials definitely include good lighting and lamps. In terms of paint, if you wish to use a neutral backdrop, colours such as cream and warm grey can contribute to a welcoming atmosphere while keeping a neutral palette.


FAQ: Is modern decor style right for a kids’ room?

While some aspects of modern design, such as pristine white decor, might not be the best for a young child’s room, warm neutrals with accents in your child’s favourite colour can create a playful and kid-friendly look. The use of bold accent colours is also perfect for a child’s playspace: shelving, wall art, and area rugs can all be used for this effect. Similarly, while glass is not the best material to use in a young child’s playspace, wood is the perfect material for shelving, furniture, and decor pieces.

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