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Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture For A Modern Home

Modern Calgary Dining Rooms

Options And Tips For Home Essentials

Kitchens and dining rooms can be key gathering places. This is true for everyday mealtimes, family gatherings, or dinner parties. Tables and chairs, as well as other decor elements such as sideboards, should be chosen with care: comfort, style, and durability are all important characteristics of furniture. This post outlines different variations on essential dining room furniture items.


A key focal point of any Calgary dining room 

The size of a table can play a huge influence on the feel and potential for any gathering as well as how intimate it is for you and your guests. As the largest piece of furniture in the kitchen or dining room, a table can serve as the main focal point. Modern materials include wood, metal, glass, marble or even plastic elements. Tables made out of a combination of these materials can suit any color scheme.

  • Round tables are ideal for smaller gatherings. Pedestal tables offer more leg room than other standard four-legged counterparts. A pedestal table with a glass top provides an opportunity to showcase an interesting base.
  • A square table is another option for smaller gatherings and works well tucked into a smaller space.
  • Rectangular tables work well in longer and more narrow spaces, where they won’t impede traffic flow. Some square tables come with leaves that can turn them into rectangular tables that are more accommodating for larger gatherings.


An opportunity to add unique character and compliment your Calgary dining room furniture

Comfortable seating is a key aspect of any kitchen, whether it’s appropriately-sized stools for a bar counter or island; comfortable seating at a dinner table for gatherings, or easy-to-clean chairs for a home with kids. Seating can also be an essential part of your kitchen home decor: chairs can showcase a wide variety of unique designs and textures.

Modern chairs can be major statement pieces: with geometric contemporary designs or metal designs, they can add interest to any room.

The fact that there are many chairs in a dining space can also create a look of repetition or symmetry around a table, which is an important facet of decor.

If you favor more traditional designs, antique, and vintage chairs can always be reupholstered in more modern fabrics: just talk to your home decor expert for more details about your individual case.

Bar Stools

A unique addition to Calgary dining room furniture

Bar stools are a third option for dining room seating. They usually come in two heights: kitchen height and bar height, so make sure to select the appropriate option.

  • Bar stools can be designed without a back in order to tuck them against a kitchen island, or with a larger back for a more substantial look.
  • Barstools can come in a variety of colors or finishes. There are even barstools made of materials like cork for a unique accent to a room.


Practical seating for families and gatherings

Finally, benches are ideal for longer tables, and for more flexible seating arrangements. They are a great seating option for younger children at regular mealtimes or family gatherings. If you are working with a crowded space, a bench can also be conveniently stowed under the table.

Sideboards and Buffets

Perfect for both modern and retro decor styles

Buffets and sideboards can be standout home accessories in larger dining rooms. They are also useful for storage day-to-day or during larger dinner parties. When choosing a design, you can opt for designs inspired by traditional 18th and 19th-century designs, or a highly modern and contemporary version.

Area Rugs

An unexpected but practical addition to Calgary dining room furniture decor plans

Finally, when planning for your dining room decor, don’t leave out the option of area rugs.

  • Modern home designs with a more open concept often use area rugs to designate the difference between rooms. A statement rug in the living room portion of an open floor plan living/dining room, or even add one beneath a table can add significant color and a modern touch to separate spaces.
  • A flat area rug adds subtle detail and dimension without adding too much bulk to your floor.
  • Rugs can also protect floors from chairs, muffle sound, especially in historic buildings where there may not be a large amount of insulation or soundproofing between floors.

For more information about selecting modern home essentials, contact our Calgary dining room furniture specialists. You can reach us by phone during regular business hours at (403) 252-1110 or contact us through our website.

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