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Light Up Your Dining Room With These 4 Simple Tips

Be Modern Furniture 4 Tips Lighting Dining Room Great

Looking to transform your dining room lighting? Our Calgary home furniture store has everything you need to create a beautiful, multi-purpose space.

Whether you are sitting down to a huge feast with a dozen friends, or a simple weeknight dinner with the family, the lighting in your dining room has to be just right.

When updating the furniture in your dining room, it’s important NEVER to forget about home lighting because a properly-lit dining area can have many advantages.

The right home lighting in your dining room:

  • Creates the right ambience for a dinner party
  • Enhances the dining room furniture and other aspects of your home
  • Increases the value of your home when it comes time to sell
  • Makes room look larger in size, more accommodating and inviting

At BeModern, a leading Calgary home furniture store, we have a wide range of dining room furniture and home lighting to help you create the most beautiful and functional spaces in your home.

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4 Home Lighting Tips To Create The Perfect Dining Room

The right home lighting is absolutely critical in the dining room - probably more so than any other room in your house because the light is how you create atmosphere.

If you are looking to upgrade your fixtures, or simply want to enhance your beautiful dining room furniture, here are 5 simple tips:


When you are considering which lighting fixtures to buy, you must take into consideration the size and shape of your dining room table.

For a round table: Echo its design with a round chandelier or pendant

For a rectangular table: A linear pendant works best

HOME LIGHTING TIP: When choosing a dining room fixture, the correctly-sized light is always 30 cm (12”) smaller than the table in all directions. 


Most dining rooms are illuminated by chandeliers. Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, it’s likely that you’ll have one hanging over your own table. The question becomes, how high should you hang it?

30-inch rule

The standard height for hanging a chandelier or pendant lamp is typically 30 inches from the tabletop. This ensures that it’s low enough to light up the eating area, without interfering with the sight line of people seated at the table.


It’s very common to have a single light in a dining room, but that is just not enough light! Add and mix up your lighting sources to highlight, brighten and increase your options.

In addition to your focal point chandelier/pendant light, you may want to consider:

  • Recessed or track lighting aimed to highlight a piece of artwork or dining room furniture
  • Table lamps to add a glow or interest on a sideboard
  • LED strip lighting in hutches or built-in cabinets with glass doors to add glow
  • Wall sconces to frame and light up your guests and furniture

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The mood created by your dining room lighting should match your dining event. A family dinner after an active day is a great time for bright, even lighting, but that would be too harsh and unpleasant for your next dinner party!

A dimmer switch is an innovative technology that allows you to easily customized the light level in your home to match the mood you want to create in your dining room. This type of switch not only allows you total control over your lighting but allows you to conserve energy and prolong your bulbs' lifespans.

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If you are looking for the perfect dining room lighting for your home, don’t forget to stop by BeModern. Our Calgary furniture store has the best selection of dining room furniture and home lighting products to suit all individual styles.

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