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Mixing Light and Dark Furniture in Your Home

Mixing Light and Dark Furniture

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It can be difficult to find the balance between dark furniture and light home accessories or vice versa. With so many combinations, patterns and colours to choose from, it is important to remember to remember: 

  • Choose versatile furniture, accessories and home essentials you can cycle through, season by season
  • Stay true to your style 
  • Be a bit adventurous to create a modern, contemporary style

Before you visit a Calgary modern furniture store ensure you know what vision you plan to achieve. It will be important to consider what accessories and essentials you will want and need for your home.

1. Accents are Fantastic Home Essentials

Accents are a good way to create a balance between light and dark furniture. For instance, with a modern piece of furniture such as BeModern’s Glamour Sofa, adding a cushion of a brighter colour can provide many benefits to your living room such as:

  • Adding character to the room
  • Brightening up the room and furniture
  • Adding interest to the room with simple home accessories without making it look too busy

Never underestimate the impact of simple yet functional and meaningful home accessories to help make your furniture come alive.

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2. Allow Your Furniture To Create a Focal Point

Choose a piece of modern furniture to use as a focal point for your room so that you can build your vision around this piece. Select your home accessories to complement this piece. Bright and functional furniture, such as the modern masterpiece that is the Saleen Entertainment Unit, is a good foundational piece for the rest of your room’s design because:

  • An entertainment unit is usually the focus for social gatherings
  • Modern furniture is sure to catch the eye of your guests
  • A large piece of furniture is a great focal point

Contrasting the sleek, modern Saleen unit with a home essential such as the darker Quaderno Shelving Unit allows you to:

  • Declutter the room by owning fewer but bigger pieces
  • Providing a tasteful contrast between light and dark finishes
  • Adding extra storage and space to add small, meaningful home accessories to help the room complement your focal point.

Calgary’s local BeModern Furniture Store understands the importance of having unique, well-crafted masterpieces of furniture. That's why they provide nothing but the best inventory of modern pieces with designs from around the world to suit a spectrum of styles, from a modern traditionalist to an eclectic, adventurous taste.

3. Use your home accessories to play up contrast

If you notice that the modern furniture you have purchased feels plain, adding a contrasting home essential r is a foolproof way to add character to a room and help visually tie your decor together. Choose furniture that possesses a modern touch such as the Bo Dining Chair available in Calgary’s BeModern furniture collection to contrast a sleek, white modern dining table like the Discovery Dining Table.

By contrasting home essentials and your furniture, there should be no reason there cannot be harmony between having light and dark furniture together in one room.

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To find out how the BeModern Furniture Store can help you complement your light and dark furniture, contact one of our furniture experts at 403-252-1110 or visit our website.

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