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Modern Essential Home Decor Tips

Calgary Modern Decor Tips

There are a few essential decor tips that can be applied to any room in your home. These include comfortable seating, an organized space with adequate lighting, and utilizing art and accessories to bring personality and color to a space. Read this guide for broad but helpful tips that can apply to selecting home essentials ranging from Calgary dining room furniture, living room furniture, and bedroom furniture to home accessories that will put the finishing touches on any room.

Comfort is key: Select furniture that is both beautiful and relaxing

Many rooms require some form of seating, ranging from office chairs to couches to dining room furniture.

When selecting seating furniture for your home, pay attention not only to the “look” of the furniture but how comfortable it is, especially for areas such as a living room or dining room.  

It is also useful to take the furniture’s materials, especially if you have small children or pets. For example, while a geometric white couch might look beautiful, a busy household with kids and pets might want to explore other Calgary living room furniture options in order to find an equally elegant but easier-to-clean piece.

The arrangement of the furniture can also be important. Furniture layouts in a home office or children’s study room can be contribute to productivity and focus, and the way seating in a living or dining room is planned can impact how people group together for conversations or activities.

An organized space: Create a foundation for the rest of your decor

When we think of organizing, we often think of different things such as shelving units and filing cabinets.

However, an organized space also includes well-placed furniture that makes the room both beautiful and easy to navigate.

While clutter is to be avoided, the room should also not look bare, disjointed, or unfinished. Essential items shouldn’t be stowed away just to make a room look more clear, but you can work with your interior designer or home decor specialist to find an appealing and decor-friendly way to store essential items in your dining room, bedroom, or home office.

Good lighting: Choose styles that suit your needs for task lighting and atmosphere

Shadows or harsh lighting can make a room seem dingy or overly stark and uninviting. Flickering or glaring lights make concentration in a home office, or relaxation in an otherwise comfortable living room very difficult. Always take lighting into account when planning your decor.

You can enhance your lighting using items such as floor lamps.

For a more dramatic look, or to save floor space in a smaller room, pendant lighting is also an option.

Art and accessories: Add the finishing touch

Modern decor and Scandinavian-inspired minimalist designs are often used as a backdrop for an interesting focal point.

Sometimes the focal point is a bold bedroom furniture or living room furniture staple, such as a standout bed frame or couch.

Other times, it is an accent piece:

This can be a functional decor item such as a couch or area rug, or an artistic decor element in glass or ceramic.

Not all decor or accent pieces need to conform to a modern theme: if a piece is important to you or simply catches your eye, there are numerous ways to incorporate it into your decor scheme, by tying it in with your room’s colours, textures, or materials.

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For more information about choosing home essentials or to select individual decor pieces, contact us by phone at 403-252-1110. Our Calgary home furniture store is located at 7012 Fisher Rd in South East Calgary, and our home furniture collections are also available for browsing online.

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