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Modern vs Contemporary Home Styles: Which is Right For You?

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Whether you are searching for home accessories or dining room furniture, understanding the difference between modern & contemporary decor is crucial to creating your dream home.

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s your space - where you can find peace, let go and truly be yourself. So it’s important that every aspect of your house, from dining room and bedroom furniture to home accessories is a reflection of your personality, unique taste and life experiences.

There are many benefits that come from personalizing your home including:

  • Decreased emotional exhaustion
  • Improved mental health
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater sense of ownership of your space

Modern vs. Contemporary Furniture: What's The Difference

At BeModern, we offer a wide variety of styles in living room, dining room and bedroom furniture as well as affordable and beautiful home accessories to meet all your individual preferences and help add personality to your home.

Modern is often used interchangeably with contemporary to describe home styles and while they certainly have overlapping traits, there are significant differences between the two that every homeowner should know.
Contemporary architecture and decor is what is being created and produced RIGHT NOW. It is dynamic and constantly changing and is not tied down to one specific style.

Contemporary design basics include:



Neutral colors such as cream, white, tan, beige or gray tend to form the background of any contemporary color scheme.

Bright color accents (perhaps in art or home accessories) are allowed, but kept to a minimum.



Whether it’s bedroom or dining room furniture, smooth surfaces in light-colored woods, glass, stainless steel or chrome are featured.

Textiles are natural fabrics (eg. silk, cotton, linen and wool) in neutral colors with the occasional bold pattern or color in an accent piece.



Just like with the furniture, neutral colored paint should be on the walls, with the occasional accent wall in a brighter color.

Tone-on-tone patterned wallpaper also works as long as the pattern isn’t too dominant.



Bare floors tend to be done in wood, stone or laminate with the occasional addition of a simple area rug. Wall-to-wall carpeting should be done in a solid, neutral color.


Modern Design

Modern interior design refers to the styles of early to mid-20th century (1920s-1950s). It is meant to capture and celebrate the mood of this specific era and is the very definition of timeless.

Whether you are looking for dining room or bedroom furniture, you can never go wrong with a modern design. Some of the elements include:


White and black are the predominate colors in this style, whether it’s dining or bedroom furniture. Primary colors (red, yellow, blue) add pops of color but are used sparingly.


Unlike the contemporary style, metal furniture made of chrome or stainless steel is common in a modern home, with black or white lacquered finishes and glass tabletops.


White walls are essential in a modern home. However, one wall can be painted in a color to break the monotony.


Concrete, linoleum and granite are common flooring choices. A few area rugs in single colors or geometric patterns can be used but avoid any oriental styles or anything that is soft and/or frilly.


How to Find the Right Style For You

Whether you are looking for home accessories or furniture for your bedroom, dining room or living room, defining your decor style can be difficult.

That’s why it’s always a smart decision to work with an interior designer or furniture expert because they can:

  • Ensure your project gets completed on time and within budget
  • Lessen the stress & burden that comes with decorating a new house, giving you more time to focus on your career and family.
  • Give you access to unique home accessories that are perfectly suited for your home and lifestyle.
  • Purchase high-quality furniture that reflects your personal style and fits perfectly in your space.
  • Install the correct lighting fixtures that will create both functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces in your home.

Want to know how our experts can help you find the right designs for your home?

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