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Simple and Easy Furniture Tips for a More Organized Home

Having an organized home is about much more than making it look pristine. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the amount of clutter in your home and how much anxiety you experience in your daily life. The results of a recent survey showed that when clutter takes over your living space, it becomes a significant contributor to your overall stress levels. In fact, 70% of participants in the survey who felt their homes were disorganized reported feeling stressed in general almost every day in the previous month. Messy homes leave you feeling anxious, helpless and overwhelmed, even if you don’t realize it.

BE MODERN is an exclusive Calgarian furniture store, and we believe that a home should be your respite from daily anxieties, and combating clutter is instrumental in creating a calming environment where you can feel relaxed. Our impeccably crafted and functional furniture pieces can help keep your home organized. Here are just some ways our furniture can combat the chaos from ruling your life.

Furniture Tip # 1 - Organize your entryway

The best way to tackle the mess in your house is to implement small yet significant changes that will, over time, lead to a better-organized home. Replace the unruly piles of coats and scarves in your doorway with multipurpose hanging systems such as our stylish COAT RACK. It’s perfect for smaller entryways because it maximizes vertical space while adding a stylish and minimalist element to your home. For the more easily lost accessories such as hats, gloves, and sunglasses, assign each family member their own easy-to-grab DORIAN soft bin. Make sure to set up and label the bins to avoid any mixups!

Furniture Tip # 2 - Keep your keys safe

There is nothing more chaotic and stressful than having to rush around your home on a busy morning, searching for your lost keys. An extensive study of 3000 adults found that on average, a person spends approximately 15 minutes a day rummaging for lost items such as keys. Additionally, 5 out of the 10 participants claimed to often argue with their spouse over the lost possessions. Save yourself the hassle and disappointment that comes with such situations by using our 100% natural cork KROK CONTAINERS as a storage box for all your keys. Their simple and carved shapes will add an element of elegance to your living space while infusing your life with the contentment that comes from an organized home and a de-cluttered mind.

Furniture Tip # 3 - Organized laundry

Would you believe us if we told you that laundry can be fun? When you have a cluttered, unorganized utility room, doing laundry can feel like the most miserable of chores. So why not take the time to improve the room and your mood while doing the washing by using decorative, funky furniture pieces such as our CONNOR STORAGE BASKETS. Taking just a few minutes to presort your washing into three different hampers will you save valuable time while ensuring your space always stays neat and tidy. Additionally, fixing a shelving unit above your washing machine such as our SEATTLE SHELF will allow you to store your detergents, stain removers and other laundry supplies close to your washer and dryer. You can even separate your supplies by type or place them in their order of use during the laundry process.

Furniture Tip # 4 - You’ve got mail

Setting up a mail station can go a very long way in not only having a more organized home but a more efficient and stress-free life. Our THOMAS TRAYS can help you tame the clutter that comes from the stacks of daily mail that otherwise smother entryways and consume much needed counter space. Such organizational tactics will significantly reduce the headache of sorting and organizing mail and ensure that no important items get lost in the shuffle. Setting your mail out in the open will help you become aware of any outstanding bills and other urgent matters so you can deal with them efficiently and on time.

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