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The Bathroom Makeover

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How to Transform Your Completely Average Bathroom into a Beautiful Space

Is your bathroom looking a little worse for wear? Are you tired of the old appliances, the plain walls, and the outdated light fixtures? If you want to embark on a bathroom makeover but aren't ready yet to commit to a full-scale remodel, then consider these perfect tips to instantly turn your bathroom into a beautiful and tranquil oasis. 

Update your light fixtures

When embarking on a bathroom makeover, you need to plan ahead and spend some time looking at the smaller details. Items such as your sink faucets and light fixtures may seem irrelevant and small, but updating them can make all the difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. No doubt, it is a space where you spend a lot of your time, which is even more of a reason to ensure that your lights are working their best for you. Switch out old, dull and ugly light fixtures for the newer, bolder ones in our LIGHTING section and watch as your bathroom transforms into a warm, bright space.


Accessorizing is a great, a low-cost way to embark on any bathroom makeover. Not only will it add character to your space, making it look prettier and more inviting, it will also help keep you organized and add even more functionality to your bathroom. Adding storage baskets such as our DORIAN storage baskets or our MOSS MODULAR shelf unit above your sink, will help declutter your space. Our MEDUSA WALL coat rack can easily be switched into a towel rack, keeping everything in its rightful place. Additionally, a small AREA RUG beside your sink or bathtub can infuse your bathroom with warmth and color.

Mirror, Mirror

A sure-fire way of completely transforming your bathroom is to install a brand new mirror - or even two if space allows it - as this will reflect more light to brighten up your room and make it feel and look much larger. Consider our SEGMENT mirror that adds visual impact to any room or one of our full-length DENVER mirrors, which are both practical and stylish. To take your bathroom makeover one step further, browse through our extensive ARTWORK collection and consider adding one to your bathroom space for extra beauty and an undeniable spark.

Glass Doors

Plastic and/or fabric shower curtains are hard to keep clean and over time, they attract mold and mildew. To eliminate that problem while adding a touch of glamor to your bathroom, consider installing sliding glass bath doors. This bathroom tip will instantly lift your space, making it appear more spacious and elegant. They will also save you time and hassle as they are easy to maintain and look after.

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