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What To Keep In Mind When Choosing a Fireplace

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Choosing to use your fireplace as a focal point for your living room is easy. The fireplace is an intimate place of gathering, and during the winter months it can be a source of warmth in the room. Additionally, a well-designed fireplace creates an interesting focal point in a room.

Visiting a furniture store in Calgary and selecting living room furniture and home accessories to accompany your furniture selection is the portion of the interior decorating process that can prove to be overwhelming.

1. Use the space above the fireplace to place artwork in your living room

Artwork can be an effective way to showcase your living room decor style to your loved ones. By installing artwork above the fireplace you are able to: 

  • Draw attention straight to the fireplace when your guests enter the living room
  • Use the artwork as a home accessory to help the living room become cohesive
  • Complement the fireplace while tying it in to the other home accessories and furniture in the room
  • Fill some of the negative space in your home

When it comes to living room decor, artwork always adds a classic finishing touch to help everything come together. Consider installing a wall sculpture such as the Urchin which is available in the Calgary BeModern Furniture Store artwork collection. A piece like the Urchin is eye-catching enough to draw attention to the fireplace without overwhelming its design.

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2. Choose living room furniture to contrast your fireplace mantle

As much as your fireplace is your focal point for the living room, do not neglect other details in your home such as the furniture. Even if their eyes are initially drawn to the fireplace, your guests will still be noticing other aspects of your living room such as:

  • Use of negative space
  • Living room furniture
  • Your choice of home accessories

When you visit a furniture store in Calgary be sure to choose living room furniture that can add depth to your focal point such as BeModern’s Metropole Sofa Bed. This beautiful piece of furniture is the perfect harmony between modern and versatile for your home. The Metropole provides

  • Various covering options
  • Partly removable and totally removable covering
  • Available in various sizes
  • Multiple configurations

The Metropole is bound to be used and changed to fit your evolving living room style.

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3. Choose home accessories to help your focal point pop

Home furniture stores will have a vast selection of home accessories to choose from. However, premier furniture stores, such as BeModern, have taken the time to ensure that their home accessories uphold the same quality of craftsmanship provided for the furniture in their inventory.

Aim to create a cohesive atmosphere between your focal point and the rest of your living room furniture. Consider factors such as:

  • Choosing home accessories that won’t overpower your focal point
  • Choosing accessories that add value to your living room decor

You do not want your focal point to be the only interest to have in the living room. Adding a few accessories to your living room that are strategically placed can make use of your space while complementing your fireplace. Consider an option such the Dream Vase, which is available in two sizes. It fits nicely on the floor or on top of the mantle to make use of the empty space above the fireplace. Either way, it helps draw attention to your focal point, while creating a tasteful, modern, and  cohesive living room atmosphere.

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To find out more about how you can truly showcase your fireplace as a focal point for your living room, contact to one of our living room furniture experts at 403-252-1110 or visit our website.

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